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Wedding Reception Woes: 3 Foods to Leave Off Your Menu

Food plays one of the most important aspects of a couples' big day, but most couples we've talked to have had poor experiences with some menus they've sampled at weddings they've attended. Here are a few things they have shared with us that we are eager to pass along to you!

· No bones about it

When thinking about your special day, couples tend to gravitate towards foods they're familiar with, like barbecue ribs, hot wings, fish, etc. Although these foods are reminiscent of days gone by, weoften overlook how messy it is to eat. These foods can be easily replicated without the hassle of eating them off the bone, while elevating the overall experience.

· Everyday foods are kinda meh...

There are many great restaurants out there that deliver great meals, great service, and sometimes a great value. These are amazing

atributes for an everday experience, but it is an experience that anyone can get, any time of the week. Your wedding day is special, and for most, this will be the only time you will get to experience this unique moment in your lives. So why would you dilute it with uninspiring dishes that anyone can get? Some caterers can elevate everyday foods with creativity and efficiency, so you CAN have a unique experience with that familiar food you wanted.

· Messy Foods

This term is very subjective, but we can all agree that messy foods are almost always super tasty. There is a time and place for these foods and your wedding day is not it. The hot wings I brought up in the beginning is a perfect example of a messy food you should avoid, but you don't have to entirely dismiss it from your menu. We listened to a particular client and brainstormed to try and find a way to give them their favorite food in a less messy vessel. Ultimately, we accomplished their wish by creating an empanada filled with roasted chicken and our own in-house hot sauce to make this bar entree favorite into an elevated and bespoke appetizer for the client.

Seek professional food caterers like Dasheberado Catering and Events. We are committed to serving the right food at the right timeto delight your guests! Contact us today.

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