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5 Food Serving Styles for Your Wedding Reception

Couples now have the freedom to select the type of food serving they want for their reception. Food serving style is usually one of the most important things guests remember from a wedding reception.

Most couples want a unique style of food serving. Besides the decor, entertainment, and seating charts, food presentation adds value and variety to any wedding.

Food serving style can reflect the personalities of the couple too, so what type will suit your wedding reception? Here are some food services you may want to consider!

· Family style

Some couples will prefer this style to other styles. The family-style tends to portray the family and friends, union, so it’s always a great choice.

It entails larger dishes and utensils at the center of the table. Guests, friends, and families will pass the food around, inciting pleasant conversations amongst different people. It provides an intimate and ambient atmosphere.

If your wedding theme is something related to family union, then you need this food service style. One disadvantage of this style is that it can lead to arguments. To avoid problems such as these, you can opt for medium size tables.

· Buffet style

This style prevents food waste and is more casual. You can select dishes that can quickly and easily be served. Try pasta dishes, salmon fillets, and salads.

One unique feature of this style is it allows guests to get a second fill. It’s a good idea and is also more cost-effective and requires fewer numbers of servers. It eliminates allergies since each guest has to serve his/her self.

· Plated style

This is a classic style that will be perfect if you want your guests feeling like royalty. Your guests will sit and wait to be served by waiters or staff. It is less stressful and is very elegant. It is also straightforward.

Since invites are being sent out early, guests can respond, indicate, or list their allergies. It can help avoid unwanted reactions. It has one significant disadvantage: it is not cost-effective.

· Food station

This type of food service enables your guests to create meals according to choice or preference. They have the option of selecting various food from designated food stations.

It opens you and your guests up to a world of great options! You can also add stands for salad, meats, desserts, etc.

· Cocktail style

It is usually a stand-up reception. Your guests can easily choose the type of food they want. It is also a fun style, almost like a toast.

Your guests have the option of choosing when they will eat and what they will eat. If you want elegance, you need to opt for this style.

No matter the type of food service you desire, contact Deshebrado Catering and Events for excellent wedding food and services!

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