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Jared and Alyssa first tried their hand at catering in 2012 while Alyssa was attending Johnson & Wales University for culinary arts.  Unfortunately, shortly after launching, Alyssa wasn't able to continue with her brainchild due to health reasons.  A year later, in 2013, Jared and Alyssa partnered with Jared's brother to start a kettle corn business which quickly developed a hearty reputation as being the traditional, yet edgy purveyors, who put customer service first.  Fast forward to 2016, Jared had the idea to expand, and steer the business towards his passion, barbecue.  Alyssa began to nurture that idea into a business plan, and in the beginning of 2017, Jared and Alyssa moved forward with marrying the skills and passion for culinary the two had possessed to create Deshebrado.  The idea of combining New World inspired cuisine with classic American barbecue techniques allowed Jared and Alyssa to create elegant, yet robust flavors that spin traditional menus topsy turvy.  
Jared didn't necessarily have the culinary prowess that Alyssa was taught at Johnson & Wales, but his affinity for barbecue, passion for food, and years of practice turned out to be the perfect balance to Alyssa's know-how, and culinary ingenuity.  Jared helped open four chain restaurants in the Denver area as a chef trainer and provided an ability to delegate and cook under pressure, and proved to be an asset to the business, as much as Alyssa's creative menu ideology.
The melding of methods of barbecue's low and slow, and the New World techniques and recipes allow for a combination considered nearly impossible to purists, but one taste of their creations prove that thought to be fallacy.  Deshebrado is the Spanish word to describe the shredding of meat, but to us, represents the culinary wall, separating two completely different styles of cooking for decades, being torn down and blending them together to combine an unrivaled eclectic experience.
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