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Deshebrado started as a side hustle for us (Jared and Alyssa Ramos) in 2012, as we worked completely unrelated 9-5's.  Alyssa has a formal culinary background, attended Johnson and Wales University while cultivating her passion for the total food experience.  Jared started as a dishwasher for a corporate chain in the mid 2000's and worked his way through the ranks of various chef positions to his current status as Executive Chef/Co-Owner of Deshebrado.  2017 was when our a-ha moment ocurred and we realized we should probably get off the hamster wheel and start catering on our own full time since we were quickly becoming recognized for it; also because Jared was fired and we didn't have a choice.  It turned out the gamble paid off and we have been making quantum leaps in our business since then.  We strive to be the best versions of ourselves by pushing culinary boundaries and challenging each other, while maintaining a "down to Earth" vibe with our staff and clients.  

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