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It's a Trap!

Updated: Jan 23

If you find yourself longing for a unique menu, but you're not sure where you can find it, don't fall for the first caterer that tells you they can "absolutely" do it for you.

Know when to hold em', know when to fold em', know when to walk away...

Most caterers will offer to do a tasting for a prospective couple to help them decide if they are a mutual fit. Some menu items won't be available for the tasting if they are cooked whole and portioned the day of your event. Some caterers may offer a similar item that is cooked the same way, or a similar cut for a similar flavor profile or texture comparison. If the caterer says they can execute your unique menu, but can't offer any of your options for the tasting, walk away. While the "bait and switch" sales technique may be banned in car sales, it is alive, well and thriving in the wedding industry. Stick to your guns and if something is telling you to move on, listen to your gut. Don't solely base your decision on their reputation because that special menu you may be requesting, could possibly the first time they've ever tried executing that menu.

The hard sale

The hard sale is a classic way of getting a buyer to make an emotional decision immediately. Although wedding planning could be an emotional process, your decision making should be logical. The last thing you want if to buy emotionally and defend your decision logically. That would be called a "sunk cost fallacy". Your decision to hire a caterer should be mutually beneficial, and if you feel like it only benefits the caterer, hang back and ask more questions. You can get a general feel for the caterer during the tasting and your first instinct will usually be the correct one. A caterer chasing the sale will make it very apparent if their motivation is to close the sale. There may be outlying scenarios where it may be prudent to act sooner than expected, such as popular dates or seasonal items, but the caterer should be able to make you aware of that during the tasting without making it feel "salesy".

Feel free to reach out to Deshebrado if you have any questions we could answer for you. You can text us directly from our website, or you can shoot us an email at for more information or to book a tasting with us.

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