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Bring That Same Energy

Price isn't always the end all be all for choosing your vendors. Here are some tips to ensure you have the right team put together to execute the vision you have always dreamed of.

What's your vibe?

Sometimes a good ol' fashioned face to face interaction could tell you everything about that vendor that looked good on paper (most likely website). The last thing you want is to hire a person or company that treats you like you're just another number. If you get a sense that you're going to be butting heads with a vendor on your wedding day instead of soaking in the moments, it's better to walk away now than have regret during the day of your wedding.

21 Questions

Have a list of questions for your vendors and pay attention to how they respond. Most vendors are amazing and will gladly answer them as if it was the first time they have heard the question. Think of a comedian and their routines. They will tell the same jokes day in, day out, but their audiences will be hearing it for the first time. The delivery will be the same because they expect the reaction to be the same as the last time they told the same joke to different people. Your expectation from your prospective vendor should be the same. They should be just as excited, if not more for your wedding day.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

―Maya Angelou

After your interaction, assess how you feel. Do you feel like you've made a connection that will be in your corner, or do you feel like you've just talked to a used car salesman? Do you feel like all your concerns were genuinely addressed, or do you feel like they said what they thought you would want to hear and get you to move on to the end of the conversation? Did they contribute to the conversation, or were they simply smiling and nodding, making you feel like you were inconveniencing them?

We've compiled these 3 important points as seasoned caterers who listen to their clients and put customer service first. If we sound like we're your kind of people, chances are that we are! Contact us at if you want to ask us the questions you've been needing answered.

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