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Unwrap the Flavor: Top 3 Finger Foods for Your Christmas Get-Together

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Christmas involves a bunch of activities, like finding cool gifts, wrapping them up, decorating the house, and cooking tasty food for get-togethers.

The to-do list for this time of year can be a bit much, especially when you've got a Christmas party to plan. That's where Deshebrado Catering and Events can help!

We'll bring some holiday magic to your table. Instead of stressing in the kitchen, wondering how to impress your guests, why not enjoy the party with them? We'll take care of the tasty Christmas treats. Check out these easy finger foods for your perfect Christmas bash!

  • Mac n' Cheese Bar

There's nothing wrong with "blue box" mac n' cheese, but a homemade cavatapi with a high quality Wisconsin white cheddar sauce just hits different! Couple that with toppings like Hot Cheeto dust, crispy bacon bits, garlic bread crumbs or Hatch Valley green chile and you may need riot control if you run out!

  • Coffee Bar

Hear me out. It's not your grandpa's coffee bar. Brew your guests a high quality roast, and offer up the normal accoutrements of creamers and sugar for obvious reasons, but also look into the myriad of different flavored syrups, both regular and sugar free.

As a nod to grandpa, maybe have a decanter with your favorite whiskey on hand to make the evening a little livelier.

  • Salted Caramel Syrup

If there were a sweet equivalent to ketchup, salted caramel syrup would be it. You can put it on anything and instantly become a hero. With basic table sugar and heavy whipping cream, anyone can make any fruit into an Amaury Guichon inspired dish; just be cognizant of the possibility of steam shooting up when you add the cream and the amount of time it may take, because the most important ingredient to this syrup is patience.

Reach out if you need more inspiration or would like us to execute any of these ideas for your next Christmas shindig.

We’re a professional catering company that will be perfect for your wedding or other events, and you can connect with us now!

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