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3 Ideas For Christmas Get-together Finger Foods

From shopping for unique festive gifts and wrapping presents to decorating the house and preparing exceptional food for Christmas get-together, Christmas entails many activities!

The typical to-do list during this festive season is scary even to the most diligent amongst us. Looking at your packed calendar can be quite overwhelming! Add the list of things to do with the Christmas party, and the chances are that you’re going to need all the help you can get this festive season. And that is where we come into play!

Deshebrado Catering and Events will help you work out a little holiday magic on your table. Why waste more time in the kitchen wondering how to delight your guests when you could be enjoying the party with them while we worry about the Christmas delicacies? Here is a list of finger foods for your perfect Christmas get-together!

· Deviled Egg Bar

Instead of just deviled egg, we’ll create a deviled egg bar to allow your guests to build it with their toppings. It’s always the perfect guest pleaser at festive get-togethers. Assorted meats, herbs, cheeses, and pickles are the perfect toppings for a deviled egg bar.

· Bruschetta Bar

Another finger food that never goes out of style is the classic Italian Bruschetta bar. Instead of just the Bruschetta, we’ll create a bar to allow your guests to customize the topping to suit their liking.

We’ll dish out the toppings into serving bowls ahead of time, then grill the bread, set out the toppings, and leave the rest to your curious guests!

· Brown Sugar Bacon

With a few simple ingredients like butter, brown sugar, and garlic, we’ll be able to achieve impressive flavored brown sugar bacon-wrapped scallops. These brown sugar bacon-wrapped scallops will keep your guests in a happy and excited mood. It will help keep the get-together lively with excellent discussions.

Now, if any of these catch your fancy, all you have to do is engage the services of Deshebrado Catering and Events, and we’ll delight you and your guests at your Christmas get-together.

We’re a professional catering company that will be perfect for your wedding or other events, and you can connect with us now!

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