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Vendor Spotlight: Vanilje Cakes and Sweets

Although there are so many wonderful elements in a wedding day, if you’re anything like us, ensuring that the food served on your day is absolutely superb is always going to be high on your priority list.

We’re devoted foodies, who specialize in providing our clients with a menu that features the highest quality ingredients, made into classic dishes that are cooked absolutely perfectly.

If you’ve been spending lockdown getting to grips with your wedding planning, you might now be at the stage where you’re on the lookout for some external vendors that can provide you with unbelievable food, and even exceed your expectations for your wedding day dining.

At Deshebrado Events, our team of caterers are deeply passionate about their craft, and provide our clients with a wedding day feast that is truly unforgettable.

With the theme of planning your wedding day catering in mind, we also wanted to dedicate this week’s edition of our vendor spotlight blog posts to a fellow event caterer, who shares our level of dedication. This week, we wanted to showcase Vanilje Cakes and Sweets as we know that the combination of our services will ensure that the food on your wedding day will be absolutely show-stopping.

Vanilje Cakes and Sweets is a fellow Colorado-based vendor, who specializes in lovingly creating good food from scratch. The wedding cakes that they create are entirely bespoke, and are customized to perfectly suit the personality and signature style of the couple. They are super flexible in terms of the options that they provide, offering a huge variety of different flavors, styles and sizes to make sure that your exact specifications are met.

Their divine cakes are available in a fantastic range of yummy flavors, including classics like white-almond, chocolate, funfetti and red velvet, as well as some more ‘out there’ options, such as maple bacon, champagne and even zucchini chocolate. Whatever you’re after, the Vanilje team will create the wedding cake of your dreams.

We’ve worked with the team at Vanilje on numerous occasions, so we know that the combination of our services is the perfect way to guarantee yourself some absolutely unforgettable food on your wedding day.

At Deshebrado Catering and Events, we are a team of Colorado-based caterers, who specialize in decadent crowd pleasing dishes that are always a hit for guests at a wedding. If you’d like to learn a bit more about who we are and what we can provide for your wedding day dining, just get in touch with us through our website - we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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