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Vendor Spotlight - The Meadows Event Center

As a professional catering and event company, we don’t only provide you with the best dining experience on your special day, we also do all we can to make sure that every other aspect of your special events is also perfectly orchestrated. We want to help you achieve that flawless event you’ve dreamt about for a long time.

If you are searching for an event center in Colorado to host your wedding or other special events, we highly recommend the Meadows Event Center. We have worked with them countless of times before and can assure you you'll get service of the highest quality when they host your wedding. And they are today’s vendor spotlight!

· What facilities and equipment are included in their event center?

Their event center has a number of facilities and equipment to help facilitate your special day and keep you comfortable and satisfied. The event center which is located on a hill crest gives you an amazing view of the beautiful landscape surrounding the event center.

Some of the facilities available for you at Meadows Event Center include a wide wrap-around veranda, a flagstone patio that is just perfect for dancing and socializing, there is also a bridal suite for the convenience of the bride and easy access too, large paved parking lot for all guests at your special events.

There are multiple water features, a large gazebo, and a pergola which could also be converted to a bandstand. Some of the equipment provided by the event center are tables, chairs, linens, photo booth, tents, lighting, and lots more.

· What Major events do the company specialize in?

The Meadows Event Center focuses mainly on hosting wedding events such as wedding ceremonies and reception, bridal shower, engagement parties, elopement, and rehearsal dinners. Aside from hosting wedding events, the Meadows Event Center also hosts other special events at the venue.

Some of these include family reunion, graduation party, business retreat, and any other corporate events. They also make provisions for transportation to and from the event center.

· What is the maximum holding capacity of their event center?

The 4000 square foot event center is fairly large and has multiple sites for whatever wedding you intend to choose. Whether it’s an indoor wedding, covered outdoor wedding, an uncovered outdoor wedding, or you want to enjoy the scenic views, the Meadows Event Center provides it all.

Their grand hall can comfortably hold about 150 guests. The event center can also accommodate over 200 guests for weddings and other special events.

While making arrangements for the perfect venue for your wedding, you also need to be assured of a professional and quality catering service on your special day.

Deshebrado is obviously your best choice anytime anywhere. Our unique style of cooking and a tantalizing menu will surely appeal to your sense of style.

We are very much mobile and can bring our services to you anywhere within Colorado. For more information about our services, you can contact us at our website or visit our social media pages to learn more about us.

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