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Organizing The Guestlist For Your Event

Organizing your guest list is of utmost importance. If your guest list is not organized, it can lead to a major let down and complaining of your guests. You will need to draft and adequately develop the guest list. It can be very hectic.

  • Design

You will need to come up with a design peculiar to you. It will serve as your trademark. Your design will entail the number of expected guests, nature, the theme of the event, décor, entertainment, etc. It would also contain the names of every person who can attend your ceremony.

After sending the invite and getting responses from your guests, you will still need to re-design the list. Deshebrado Catering and Events have the best event coordinators, who are well experienced in organizing guest lists.

  • Be Realistic About The Number Of Guests You’re Expecting

Estimating the number of guests and not being more realistic with the numbers might lead to stress later. Your budget and the venues’ capacity can also determine the number of guests to invite or plan for.

The number of guests invited also determines the number of servings and amenities used, such as chairs, tables, and other packages. The number of guests you would like to invite depends to a large extent on your budget.

  • Know Your Invited Guests

It’s essential you know the kind of people you’re inviting to celebrate with you. It would greatly help if you could write down their names and that of their families and friends.

Knowing the kind of people to invite also determines the caterer’s type of delicacies. You might need to give your caterer a comprehensive list of guests.

  • Make A Second List (List B)

For you to have a second list, first of all, organize the main list. The main list will contain the names of people you expect to be there, including dignitaries.

It would help if you had a backup list that can help you consider every type of guest you’ll be expecting, including those that may show up or not.

  • Send Your Invite

People tend to plan early for events they are invited to if they receive the invite in time. Sending your invite early will enable you to know those that will be present.

It would also help you get responses from your guests. Sending the invite on time will also help you know if they will be attending your ceremony themselves or sending a representative.

  • Avoid Any Last-Minute Changes

Planning well before the big day will save you the stress of any last-minute changes. To avoid any last-minute changes, you need to work with an event planner. The event coordinator would help you organize and also summarize in detail what the guest list should entail.

Take up the planning of your guest’s list with us at Deshebrado Catering and Events; you’ll also need a great wedding venue to host your wedding, and we would happily assist you with that too! For more inquires, click here.

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