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Ideas for A Charitable Wedding During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has struck the world hard; some much harder than others. So many people can no longer feed or clothe themselves. Clearly these individuals need help, and a lot of couples have decided to use their wedding as an opportunity to help these f people in any way possible.

If you are one such couple but don’t know how you can help those in need, just keep reading to learn some great ideas.

· Donate your leftover food to the needy

While there might be so much food for everyone at your wedding, there are a lot of people out there who can’t even get simple food, let alone the quantity and quality of the food at your wedding.

One of the easiest ways to host a charitable wedding during this pandemic is by giving out your leftovers to any charity around you instead of letting it go to waste. If you will not be chanced to make these donations yourself, you can let your wedding caterers know of your plan and they will easily help you donate the leftovers to those who really need it.

· Give out your wedding dress and flowers

Apart from donating your leftover wedding meals to the needy, you can also give out your wedding dress to other brides who may not be able to afford a wedding dress, due to the adverse effect the virus has had on the economy and everything as a whole. This way, you will help make the couple’s dreams come true.

Furthermore, you can also ask your bridal party to donate their bridesmaid dresses to charity organizations that give dresses out to other people in need of them. Your wedding flowers can be given out to hospitals, nursing homes, or other organizations that can find a great use for them.

· Give out your wedding gifts to charity instead of to your guests

Instead of giving out wedding favors to their wedding guests, a lot of couples out there are giving out gifts to the needy and also advising their wedding guests to do the same.

Giving your wedding guests favors is fine but in times like this, perhaps it’s better to help those who need it more. You can do this by contacting your wedding guests earlier and letting know them your plans.

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