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4 Ideal Foods to Serve Your Guests for Your Winter Wedding

Winter is fast approaching, and you may need to speed up your winter wedding plans. It’s always exciting planning a wedding. No? And winter weddings are even more fun to plan as the season adds a dreamy fairy-tale like feel to events.

Once you start planning a wedding, you may get overwhelmed in the middle of it. Deshebrado Catering and Events is here to tend to that and streamline the planning process for you.

Perhaps something you may not have considered is the type of food you should serve your guests for your winter wedding. It’s okay to be anxious but don’t panic; we have great tips for you right here!

Winter foods are generally much different from the other seasons’ foods as the cold weather requires you always to keep them warm. So careful consideration is necessary when choosing your wedding food.

Below are some excellent foods to serve your guests for your winter wedding.

· Comfort Food and Hot Chocolate for Your Cocktail Hour

Food served during cocktail hour should be warm and comforting. A mini Panini with tomatoes and some greens, grilled shrimp, or even some warm tomato soup should do the trick.

As for drinks, when has hot chocolate ever disappointed? Never. Other options include mulled wine and regular tea and coffee.

· Steamy Soup for Starters

There are so many options here. Tomato soup with cheese, mushroom soup, and even some butternut squash soup are some very healthy options to choose from, so take your pick!

If you don’t want to serve your guest’s soup, some salad with cheese, walnuts, pears, and pomegranates with spinach is also a good idea for Starter food.

· Main Course Meal

For winter weddings, the main course meal should be warm and cozy. Food may include meat such as venison, salmon, and pasta. Other suggestions include mashed potato and fillet mignons, salmon with rice, and mushroom cheese ravioli; ravioli with pumpkin for vegan diets is a great option.

· Dessert

There are so many options for dessert at a winter wedding. From fruit tarts to crème Brulee and vanilla custard. For drinks, hot chocolate, or coffee. Tea is also a good option.

Deshebrado in Westminster, Colorado, offers you the best catering service for your wedding. Contact us here for a fantastic menu filled with delectable and beautiful meals!

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