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How to Make Your Wedding Catering Easy

When it comes to your wedding catering, think of us at Deshebrado as part artists and part servants. Nothing is more important to us than providing you and your guests with fantastic food at your wedding. Our goal is, after all, catering to extraordinary events and leaving lasting memories. To achieve this in Colorado, the following information should come in handy.

· Determine Your Guest Count

A critical part of your catering costs is the number of people that you are feeding. It will make a mess of things if you’re trying to order more food on your wedding day because more people are showing up and the food that you requested is too small. Knowing your guest count before you call can help you better budget and avoid unnecessary last-minute menu changes.

· How Will Your Food Be Delivered?

Ask your caterer about how you will be getting your food. Drop off is where the caterer delivers the food only. The real display is great for buffets and banquets, and the caterer prepares the tables and food serving areas. In contrast, with food service, the caterer, in addition to the real display, has the food professionally served. For your wedding, you should go for a real display or full service.

· Talk About Enhancements

When it comes to wedding catering, you can have enhancements like on-site chefs. Improvements are like optional or upgrade items that you can add to your wedding catering.

· What’s Your Budget?

For most caterers, pricing is determined on the dollar/person model. Following this, an easy way to create your wedding budget is to determine the total amount that you intend to spend on catering and divide it by the total number of people that you expect. Doing this means that you’d have this number ready, and your caterer can efficiently work from there.

Have you booked a caterer for your wedding in Colorado already? Why not go with us at Deshebrado? We’re great at wedding catering, and we’d be glad to hear from you. Contact us today!

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