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How to Hire Your Caterer While Social Distancing

Planning your wedding during this period can be a bit of a bother because of the COVID-19 pandemic. When planning to hire a wedding caterer for your special day, a person-to-person consultation may not be quite possible in most catering companies simply because your safety comes first. Follow these simple steps before hiring your wedding caterer.

· Ask friends who got married quite recently for recommendations

One of the easiest ways of knowing the right caterers during this period is by asking friends who got married during the pandemic for recommendations.

From their own experiences during their wedding planning, they might have appreciable knowledge of which caterers can handle catering technicalities with COVID-19 regulations in mind.

· Schedule virtual interviews with your wedding caterer

When person-to-person interviews are not available, virtual interviews become the next best thing. Scheduling a virtual interview is quite easy.

All you need to do is to find out a convenient time and begin the interview from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

Prepare all relevant questions you may need to ask the caterer and don’t forget to ask about their COVID-19 policies.

This will help you know whether or not the caterer can safely take care of your wedding catering.

· Make proper research on the company you intend to hire

When hiring a wedding caterer for your special day, you should ensure you gather as much information as possible about the catering company.

You can begin by thoroughly browsing the company’s website and all their social media pages. You can also check out the picture and videos of previous works done by the caterers you intend to hire and compare them with what you will be expecting from them.

If you need a great and unique caterer for your Colorado wedding, Deshebrado Catering and Events is here for you. We have safely handled several weddings during this period and will gladly help with your wedding too.

With our combined taste of modern/classic American cuisine, you can’t ask for a more delectable wedding menu! Our ingredients are locally sourced and always very healthy.

Contact us today for a taste of our great meals.

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