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How to Cater for Guests with Specific Dietary Needs and Allergy

Wedding catering involves feeding many guests from different backgrounds, religions, and cultures. It’s likely some of your invited guests will be limited in the kinds of food they eat, the main reason being special needs.

For example, some of them may be vegetarian while others maintain a gluten-free diet. Pregnancy, food allergies, and religious beliefs are all factors that can determine what your guests eat and what they don’t too. Some of them could be diabetic too and some may be on a low-fat diet; there are countless reasons why guests can be picky about what they eat, so be mindful of that.

Below are some tips for catering for such guests at your wedding.

· Ask your guests before time if they have any special needs

The easiest and most appropriate way to be sure if your guests have any dietary needs is by asking them on the invitation letter or RSVP. This way, they will let you know themselves if they have any and you can then include such details while planning your wedding.

It is much better to ask these questions even before hiring your wedding caterers.

· Discuss these needs with your wedding caterers

After confirming if your guests have any dietary needs or allergies, contact your caterers to begin planning your wedding menu.

If you have a lot of guests with different dietary needs and allergies, it is advisable to hire a professional caterer who has a lot of experience in catering for wedding guests with such needs. You could avoid a disastrous situation by informing your caterers about your guests’ needs.

· Try doing a buffet reception or food truck style

When hosting a wedding where many of your wedding guests have different dietary needs, requirements, or allergies, tending to everyone’s individual taste might seem complicated for those who lack experience in catering. But a professional and experienced caterer will know to circumvent the problem with ease.

Since a variety of menu options is necessary for such situations, host a buffet reception where guests can select their own food. This way, they will choose what is most suitable for them.

Food trucks are currently trending for outdoor weddings where guests can easily make their orders and take back to their tables. This catering style is also perfect for serving guests with dietary needs.

If you are searching for professional caterers with years of experience in catering, Deshebrado Catering and Events is your best option. We’re here to cater for your Colorado wedding, offering you excellent catering services!

We have much experience catering for wedding guests with special needs and we can customize our wedding menus to perfectly suit your needs and your wedding guests’ needs too.

Contact us today for a combined taste of modern and classic American cuisine. We don’t just do delicious. We do healthy as well.

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