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Church Ranch Event Center

We have worked with Church Ranch Event Center in the past and can assure you of utter comfort, beauty, and sophistication when you choose their event center for your wedding venue. Church Ranch Event Center is located at Westminster, Colorado. Join us in welcoming them this week in our vendor spotlight series!

· What are the features that make the event center different from other Colorado event centers?

Many features set the event center apart from other event centers. Often referred to as the 'oasis within the city', the award-winning event center is a hub for nature lovers. The event center is located along the lucky mountain front range in Colorado.

The place is adorned with flowing gardens, water features, shade trees, and other natural beauties that make it as scenic as it is unique. There is also a flagstone right among the Aspen trees at the ceremony area, which in itself is something to behold.

If you’re one to enjoy and appreciate nature, Church Ranch Event Center is definitely an event center to consider for your Colorado wedding.

· Will they be dedicated to ensuring the success of weddings at the event center?

When you select the Church Ranch Event Center as your wedding venue, they are sure to dedicate the grounds completely to you and the success of your wedding. Apart from that, their staff is always available to offer any help you may need when planning your wedding. They also provide a day-of-event coordinator and a wedding planner to help plan and coordinate your wedding.

Other than weddings, Church Ranch Event Center also hosts several other events at their venue. Such events include corporate events, proms, holiday parties, anniversaries, and many more. Simply make an inquiry about all the kind of events they host and they’ll promptly oblige you.

· What kind of amenities do they provide at the venue?

The event center is truly dedicated to the success of your event or celebration. The comfort of guests is a top priority to them. Some of the amenities the Church Ranch event center offer are a beautifully forested garden area with green lawns, shade trees, ponds, and fountains. They also have a full bar that is stocked with all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In addition, they have some professional event coordinators to help plan your day

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