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7 Great Late-Night Snacks for Your Wedding

Choosing to serve late-night wedding snacks ultimately depends on you and your wedding crowd. If you are having your dinner at 6:30 pm and have plans to keep people celebrating up until say 2 am, then yes, snacks are necessary, and you should probably serve them around 10:30 or 11 pm. Partying late into the night can work up an appetite. If you're all for this plan, here are a few cuisines that we feel you can serve up after hours.

· Mini Donuts

Bite-sized donuts tucked into a cup of coffee, or hot chocolate is sure to hit the spot at any time of the year. Late night party goers will also appreciate the caffeine boost as the night continues.

· Slickers and Fries

What says late-night more than burger and fries? Slickers are more portable than big burgers, and you can go classic with toppings like ketchup, mustard, and pickles.

· Corn Dogs

Perfect for couples who want to serve heartier bites, corn dogs are excellent because they won't slow down the party and are great for your guests who didn't fill up at dinner.

· Pizza

Pizza is the ultimate late-night wedding food because seriously, what's not to love? You can make it more personal by serving pies that have the bride and groom's favorite toppings.

· Milk and Cookies

When you think of the best bedtime treats, milk and cookies should come to mind. What better way to conclude your wedding menu than with the same cozy feeling that milk and cookies bring? You can try serving the milk out of martini glasses to spice things up or go all out with a cookie and milk bar filled with flavored milk and different cookie varieties.

· Breakfast Sandwiches

Although known as breakfast sandwiches, there's something about an egg and cheese sandwich that makes it a delicious snack in the wee hours of the night. Your guests will undoubtedly be satisfied.

· Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Mini portions of grilled cheese and tomato soup will make a yummy after-hours treat. You can serve some tomato soup in a shot glass with a classic bite of grilled cheese on the side for dunking.

When it comes to catering in Colorado, Deshebrado is a unique and fantastic option you won't regret. We are ready to whip up some delicious snacks for your wedding, and we even have our own Food Truck! We'd love to hear all about your wedding plans. Contact us today!

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