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6 Trending Food Styles for Your Wedding Menu

One thing that’s been proven is that lots of people attend weddings for the entertainment and the food so here at Deshebrado, we take our catering seriously. When it comes to wedding food, the taste is a huge factor, while the presentation often depends on the couple involved. If you’re planning on having your wedding soon, here are some trends that you could try.

· Brunch Menus

Daytime weddings are becoming a hit with couples because they cost less. One of the things that come with doing a daytime wedding is having brunch instead of dinner. Food like pancakes and omelets are also showing up in wedding menus, and we dig it.

· Fresh Food

Another popular trend is that caterers and couples are thinking more organic and fresher with locally sourced ingredients. If you’re thinking along these lines for your wedding, you’re not the only one.

· Comfort Foods

Comfort foods are slowly becoming a permanent part of wedding menus, and we love it. You could request for French fries and burgers to enjoy with your guests. Wedding menus are also becoming more representative of the couple, with them choosing to serve their favorite foods.

· Sit Down Dinners

Rustic weddings have also been trending because of how relaxed they are. The huge sit-down dinners that characterize them have also become popular. Food is also being served buffet table style instead of the usual round table.

· Cultural Foods

Serving cultural foods is another trend that you could adopt at your wedding. Couples seem to be finding ways to include one or two foods that represent their culture and remind them and their friends of their childhood. We’ve even had a bride in Steamboat Springs hire us to do traditional Argentine Asada, where we will be cooking whole lambs over a wood-burning fire. How cool is that?

· Late-Night Snacks

A fairly recent trend, late-night snacks are for the younger guests at your wedding. They come out after everyone has eaten and as a way to refresh those who have been on the dancefloor. Pizzas and tacos have been hits as late-night wedding snacks.

Thinking of having your wedding in Colorado? Here at Deshebrado, it would be our delight to cater to you and your guests. We have the experience required to host you beautifully and have great ratings to show for it. We’d like to hear from you. Contact us today!

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