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6 Outstanding Wedding Cake Options to Try This Year

Choosing a cake that compliments the theme of your wedding and is also mouthwatering is therefore not a job to overlook. Here at Deshebrado Catering and Events, providing you with high-quality food at your wedding is what we do, we’re great at making beautiful and delicious cakes too. The following are 6 types of cakes that you could use for your Colorado wedding.

· The Dripping Cake

A white marble cake with blueberry sauce dripping from it or a well-painted cake with chocolate sauce dripping from it are sure to be the highlights of your wedding if you choose to go with them. You could also have a fruit cake with many layers, frosting, and caramel or chocolate sauce dripping from it. With cakes like these, the texture, the designs, and the taste are sure to captivate your guests.

· Naked Cakes

Naked cakes rose to popularity in 2017 and have trended a lot since then. How can a cake be naked you ask? Simple, it has no frosting whatsoever. Naked cakes can be garnished with dried figs, fruits, and more to spice it up. Your guests will get to see what is inside their cake and enjoy it to their heart's content.

· Classic Vintage

The classic vintage cake will never go out of style and goes with every wedding theme. The white on white is risk-free and you can add as many layers to it as you want. Designing it with ribbons is great too.

· Pancake Based Cake

A pancake-based cake is perfect for a breakfast or brunch themed wedding and you can splurge by adding lots of maple syrup, cream, and frosting on the inside layer.

· Ombre Cakes

Ombre cakes are artistic but delicious and are perfect for a beach or spring wedding. Well would you look at that, we’re in spring! The bright colors will add beauty to your wedding and it can be designed according to your wedding theme too.

· Feathered Cakes

Feathered cakes originated in Russia and are the perfect blend of modern and classic that you’re looking for. It is quite irresistible and is also known as the brush stroke cake.

Get yourself a fabulous cake to match the fabulous day. Who is catering to Colorado this year? Deshebrado Catering and Events has the right experience that you need for a successful wedding catering and we’d be delighted to hear from you. Contact us today for great cakes and a truly amazing dining experience at your wedding!

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