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6 Ideas for Your Wedding Dessert Table

Planning the dessert table at your wedding can be a little bit tasking. This is because it can be challenging to decide what sweet treats to share with your guests here in Colorado.

Not to worry though here at Deshebrado we have an idea of how to please guests. If you keep the following tips from us in mind, you’ll be able to create a delicious dessert table that your guests will enjoy.

· Watch Out for Dietary Restrictions

Go through the RSVP’s that your guests returned and keep an eye out for any dietary restrictions. If you find any, make sure that you come up with other alternatives that such people could go for and enjoy. If there are no allergies, you can go ahead and serve everyone the same great dessert.

· Serve Mini Desserts Instead

Serving smaller sized portions of your desserts is a great way to keep costs down. With the costs lower, you can then provide numerous other choices which are sure to make your dessert table more enjoyable.

· Adhere to The Four Bites Per Person Rule

When it comes to dessert at weddings, four bites are usually enough to satisfy your guests and their sweet tooth. Chocolate lovers will only need one option, though, and you should provide one dessert that is centered on fruits too.

· Plan According to Your Budget

Couples often go for between three to five options at their dessert table. Which you go for should be determined by your budget. If you can handle going for up to five, then go right ahead.

· Let Your Options Be Balanced

A balanced dessert table is a great way to keep all your guests happy. If you have people that are vegan or can’t process gluten, make sure that your dessert table reflects that. The alternative options should also be fun and delicious.

· Have Variety

A dessert table with different options is good. Play with colors, textures, height and other factors. Your dessert table can be an excellent addition to the décor at your wedding.

Are you looking for modern and up-to-date caterers for your wedding in Colorado? Then you’re in the right place. Here at Deshebrado, we take the catering of your wedding seriously and would love to plan with you. Contact us today!

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