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5 Ways To Select The Perfect Cake For Your Wedding

The cake is a vital part of any wedding. To select the right cake for your wedding, you need to plan early. You need to consider the venue, season, and theme of your wedding.

For every type of wedding, there is a perfect cake design. You need to get the right cake because so many new designs and flavors are created almost every day!

With all these facts to consider, you need to hire the right caterer. You don’t want your cake to be too dry or moist. The cake’s color, flavor, and size must match your wedding’s theme and style. Here are some points on how to select the right cake for your wedding!

· Flavors

You need to select flavors both you and your partner like, and that itself is a fun process. It would help if you had a cake that comprises the right flavors. Because your guests will be tasting your cake or going home with parts of it, you must select the right flavor too.

You need to taste the flavors before making your decision. You also need to consider if you, your partner, or guests have any allergies before selecting the flavors.

If you need help choosing the right taste for some of your guests, you can seek counsel from your caterer. Opt for some flavors such as white chocolate, Italian meringue buttercream, American buttercream, caramel, vanilla, etc.

Take up the selection of flavors for your cake with Deshebrado Catering and Events for the experience of a lifetime!

· Caterer

Here, professionalism and organization is everything. It would be best to ask the caterer how many wedding cakes he/she has baked in recent years.

The caterer will know when to bake the cake and just the right flavors to use based on your choice. The caterer will require details like an estimated headcount, the venue, flavors you like, and the date of your wedding.

· Size

The number of guests, to a large extent, determines the cakes’ size. For this, you need an estimated number of guests. The number of tiers a cake has determines its size. You may need a cake with three to four tiers if you have over a hundred guests.

· Consider The Cost

The cost of a cake is determined by its style and the number of required servings. It would be best if you had a cake that fits in with your budget.

You might not want a cake that is too expensive. Don’t worry Deshebrado Catering and Events has got you covered. We bake cakes for every budget.

· Referrals

The caterer should help you with pictures of cakes he/she has baked, a list of ingredients and flavors, and the remarks of some clients. It would help if you browsed through pictures of families and friends’ wedding reception to explore other preferences.

Deshebrado Catering and Events specialize in baking cakes of different styles and sizes. For the perfect cake for your wedding, click here.

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