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4 Ways on How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Caterer for Your Wedding in 2020

You spend months planning for your wedding that it often gets overwhelming when you are halfway through. You have to juggle vendors: from your wedding dress to your venue to your photographer to your florist and your caterer!

It’s a whole lot of work, but we are here to make it easier for you. Hiring a caterer is a bit trickier than hiring other vendors as you may need to taste their food before you can secure their services. But there are guidelines to help you. Here are three tips on choosing the perfect caterer for your wedding.

· Consider Your Budget

Your budget must be realistic enough such that you include vendors you can afford. Before taking care of other factors, the budget must be comfortably factored in. Always ask questions because it helps you be on the same page with your caterer.

Make calculations and be sure that you and your caterer have reached an agreement before signing the contract. Some caterers charge extra for certain services, so be mindful of that. Don’t be too hasty and do some research and interviews before deciding on a particular wedding caterer.

· Check Reviews Online

It’s important to always check online reviews of vendors before reaching out to them or signing an agreement.

Reviews show you how efficient they are. You may not necessarily know how good their food tastes, but it will save you the time of scheduling an appointment to taste it.

Online reviews also give you information on their customer service. This also helps you narrow down your options to only a few vendors.

· Schedule a Tasting Appointment

Even though a caterer may have good reviews online, you still need to make sure that their food suits your taste and is good enough for your guests.

So, check them out yourself by scheduling an appointment with them. Inform them what your intentions are and why you want to hire them, then let them know that you would like to taste their food. Agree on a date and go with a close buddy.

· Seek Referrals

If you have friends in the business or friends that have recently organized a party, ask them for referrals and take notes. Make sure you trust their judgment too. It makes searching for the perfect caterer a whole lot easier and the experience less challenging.

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