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4 Tips for The Catering Part of Your Wedding Planning

Catering is an important part of your wedding reception. It is one of the things that you have to get right about your wedding, for it to be successful. In the days before, couples just hired the caterer, told them what they wanted and then the caterer showed up on the wedding day, dropped the food, and left. It doesn't happen that way anymore.

We've put together a timeline for your wedding catering here in this post. It's intended as a general guideline to help your wedding planning along. If you are looking for professional service for your wedding catering in Colorado, then let us wow you at Deshebrado.

· A Year To 6 Months Before

This is when we advise that you contact us for your event. We can always find ways to work with a closer timeline though. This period is also when you share general details about what you want, like the dining arrangement, wine choices, and get a general feel of how working with us on your wedding day will be.

· 9 Months to 4 Months Before

At this point, your date is getting closer. A meeting will be set up, where you can decide on logistics. The bar serving, staffing, and equipment rentals should also be discussed. After this meeting is when you will get our initial proposal and cost estimate. The budget you tell us that you have for your wedding catering is seriously taken into consideration.

· A Month After That

This is when you can do the tasting. We advise that you do a private tasting, as you can have a good discussion about the choices for your wedding menu during it. We will provide you with a revised proposal after this. You can also discuss tableware and other structures at this point.

· 7months to 2months Before Your Wedding

This is when the final proposal will get to you, showing the individual costs and the agreement page. You can still make a few revisions at this point and then you sign the deal and wait for us to make you proud at your wedding.

Are you interested in having a memorable wedding in Colorado? Then let us at Deshebrado cater to you and your guests. We're very experienced when it comes to wedding catering, and we've got our very own food truck that we can use to make your wedding more fun! We'd be very excited to hear from you. Give us a call today.

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