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4 Things You Need to Know Before Selecting Your Wedding Favors

The importance of wedding favors can never be overemphasized. They add color and give life to an event when applied appropriately. They are attractive from their shapes to their sizes, colors, messages they carry, etc.

You most definitely need wedding favors to make your wedding decor complete! We’ve listed and explained some things you need to know about the wedding favors to use on your big day. Here they are!

  • The Fair Cost of Wedding Favors

It would help if you could do a little market survey to know the fair price of purchasing or designing wedding favors. You could talk to an event planner to ease your stress.

The event planner, due to experience, knows the cost price of purchasing or designing wedding favors. When checking for the cost of favors, you need to have your budget in mind. Always work around your budget.

  • Budgetary Aspect

Your budget will be determined by the number of favors you need and also the types of designs. More stylish designs would need more money. It would help if you could opt for simple designs. But if you want to go all out, then you need top-notch designs.

The number of guests you are expecting would also determine the number of favors to purchase or design. Sometimes it may be cheaper to design them yourself than to buy the already designed ones.

  • Who to Give Wedding Favors To

You also need to plan to give some, if not all of your guests, wedding favors. This is because you cannot go home with all the favors. It would give your guests something to talk about after your wedding day.

You might want to skip babies and even children when giving out wedding favors. Only the adults would value or cherish wedding favors. Babies and children will only like them because of their stylish looks and attractive colors.

  • Amazing Wedding Favor Ideas

You don’t just need any wedding favors but the absolute perfect match for your special day. There are over a hundred stunning designs that can be used. Here are just a few to have in mind when designing or purchasing wedding favors.

a) Hand sanitizer bottles: you need these, especially in this time of a pandemic. It would help reduce the rate of infection and kill germs.

b) Tea towels: you need to get the fancy ones. It is very different from the typical bath towel. This will come as a surprise when you use them!

c) Floral designs or arrangements: people often love this type of wedding favor. It drives home the right message. Ensure you use the adorable ones.

d) Themed candles: this helps create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. They can brighten up your big day too.

e) Lovely tags: the beautiful thing about this type of favor is that they are portable and convenient to carry around. Ensure the tags have something related or about your special day.

Are you looking to use wedding favors that will wow your guests? That’s great, but favors alone can’t complete a wedding.

You’ll need excellent food to keep your guests happy at the reception with favors to keep them happy even after they reach home! And for that, look no further than Deshebrado Catering and Events. We will love to make your wedding a wonderful and magical experience! Feel free to contact us.

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