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3 Types Of Food You Should Avoid At Your Wedding Reception

Food generally assumes a significant role at a wedding, so choosing what to serve and what not to can be a tedious job as far as a wedding reception is concerned. You should omit some foods from the menu at your wedding reception for reasons outlined below.

· Family-style Dishes

Although the “sharing is caring” vibe of family-style appears to be a proper fit for an event like a wedding, the crowding and chaos are seldom worth the difficulty.

If you need to have that collective ‘family-style’ insight, a little change like serving the main courses individually and having a couple of family-style side dishes is a great idea.

· Garlic

Although garlic adds an intense and dynamic flavor to dishes, it’s a well-known fact that it can also affect your breath when served at a gathering.

Garlic should not be added to a wedding reception menu since it can cause awful breath, leaving a terrible trailing sensation. That is something you wouldn’t want at a wedding.

· Messy Foods

Unfortunately, many of the most delicious dishes out there are counted among the messiest. In case you’re a fan of BBQ, stacked burgers, triple-decker sandwiches, or saucy pasta, you’re probably familiar with the struggle of keeping your outfit stain-free as you dig in.

Advisably, any dishes you will dodge on a first date should be avoided at your wedding reception.

Remember that you and your visitors will be in your most pleasant formal wear, and messy food that can cause attire stains should be replaced with something else.

At your wedding reception, avoid a situation where guests will abandon the food you bought with your hard-earned money for one reason or the other.

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