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3 Tips to Get Your Perfect Wedding Day Menu

Wedding receptions are for merriment with good food and quality drinks. The reception doesn't just afford you the opportunity to feed your guests, but also a chance to introduce your personality and style into the day.

From selecting the right food and drink options to creating amazing aesthetics, expert tips can be very helpful. To get your perfect wedding day menu, take note of these 3 tips.

· Set Out A Menu Budget

Every decision you make with regards to the menu on your big day - from menu choice to serving style, all have financial implications. You have to be sure of how much you want to spend on a menu that day. Schedule a consultation with the catering team you intend to work with.

Be open and honest about your budget so that they can help you maximize it. In planning a budget for the menu on your wedding day, you have to consider the guest list. More guests in attendance will mean more food, and more food will mean more money.

· Take Note of Dietary Restrictions

Your guest list should guide you through your discussion with your catering team. You should be able to identify the dietary restrictions of guests at your wedding and make provisions for possible alternatives for them.

This will help you cater to guests on a large scale and also establish to them how much you value their presence.

· Diversify the Menu

In achieving the perfect menu for your wedding, you have to consider diversifying. Don't get stuck or scared of going local or seasonal. After all, just like life, variety is the spice of amazing wedding experience.

To diversify your menu, you have to know what will appeal to the majority of guests by considering the age range, cultural background, time of the day, time of the year, and food sophistication of guests among others. You can't please every guest at your wedding event, but with the services of a professional, you can try.

Get the perfect wedding menu seamlessly when you work with a professional. Deshebrado catering and Event Company guarantees your personalized menu at your wedding. We are committed to locally sourced products, seasonal menus, and putting you first. Visit our website here to find out more about our catering services.

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