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3 Tips to Ensure Your Wedding Guests Go Home Full

Research has shown that many guests attend weddings for the food. And we would know, being the amazing caterers that we are here at Deshebrado. This often time means that they show up to your event with empty stomachs and it is up to you to keep them well-fed the whole time.

Hungry guests are angry guests. So how do you keep your guests from being hungry at your wedding? These three tips from us will help you solve that.

· Serve Snacks Before the Ceremony

This may not be possible if you are having your ceremony at a church, but many other kinds of venues will allow for this kind of indulgence.

These little bites will help to keep your guests focused no matter how hungry they are. You should, however, do this with adequate disposal in mind and avoid snacks with loud wrappers.

· Time Things Perfectly

If your ceremony is at 5 pm and your wedding dinner will be served at 7 pm, you can get away with serving light hors d’oeuvres during the cocktail hour. Use your wedding timeline to determine what kind of snacks to serve and when to serve it.

· Send Your Guests Home Smiling

Lots of weddings go on for over three hours after the wedding dinner has been served. This means that by the end of your reception, many of your guests would have danced off everything that they’d had during the dinner. This is kind of counterproductive if you’re trying to keep them well fed.

How about providing some snacks for your guests to indulge in towards the end of your reception? It’s a nice touch that you can personalize by serving the favorites that you’re known for as a couple. This way, you can send your guests home with a full stomach and a happy smile.

Do you require the services of a good caterer in and around Colorado? Then do not hesitate to reach out to us at Deshebrado. We have lots of experience when it comes to satisfying the wedding crowd and we won’t let you down. We even have a food truck we could bring along to help spice things up. So what do you say, contact us today!

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