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3 Things To Consider When Planning your wedding menu

Planning your wedding menu is a very important aspect of wedding planning; as important as any other aspect of the ceremony. When planning your wedding menu, there are a lot of factors to consider in order to have a successful wedding event. You need a menu that will suit your wedding theme, venue, and wedding style. Follow the steps below when planning your wedding menu.

· Put the season into consideration

Certain food-type taste better and are more appropriate in different seasons. Planning your reception meals during the summer, for example, has less stress than planning your wedding in other seasons.

The exotic warm weather in beautiful outdoor venues can easily inspire the types of food you can serve during your summer wedding. You really don’t want to serve a meal that is too hot as this can inconvenience your guests, and neither will it be wise to serve any thick and creamy food.

· Take note of your wedding venue and reception style

The size of your wedding venue and the reception style is also very important. Whether it will be a sit-down dinner, buffet and standing party, or a casual dinner, you will need a particular plan for your menu. Once these factors have been considered, you can now plan your menu successfully without causing any blunders on your wedding day.

· Welcome the idea of customized dishes.

To add style and class to your wedding menu, you can decide to fuse different dishes to give you a unique taste. A professional and experienced caterer would handle the blending of different food styles perfectly and in a balanced manner. You won’t have to overdo it and miss your aim for class and style. This kind of menus is perfect for multicultural weddings or for couples who love to try out new and exciting methods of doing things.

If you consider food and beverage to be an important aspect of your wedding planning, we are definitely on the same page!

Deshebrado Catering and Events will provide the most exciting catering services at your Colorado wedding. We believe that your menu should be delicious, creative, and unique. Contact us today for a dining experience your guests won’t forget in a long time.

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